Holistic Medicine Career Training and Course Options

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Training for a career can be done by enrolling in an accredited holistic medicine school. You can achieve your goals by learning more about the holistic medicine career training and course options that are available to you and enrolling in a program. Studies can be completed by following a number of paths that allow you to choose the level of training that is best for your needs and goals. Accredited programs provide career training that is geared toward your individual needs, in order to help you obtain the skills to seek employment in this field.

Opportunities for enrollment in a higher education training program are available to provide you with the skills that will be necessary to seek employment. You can choose from different levels of training that include certificates and degrees. The level of training that you choose to obtain will help determine the type of career that can be entered as well as the length of training. Coursework will help you to obtain the knowledge to provide alternative forms of medicine and treatment to various people. You can start by researching program to obtain information about the opportunities available to you.

Accredited holistic medicine schools and degree training programs offer the chance for you to receive a higher education in various areas. This can include different forms of therapy and medicine such as:

Mind-Body medicine
Energy Work
Environmental Medicine

…and more. Once the specialized area of study has been decided on, you can begin the training process to become a professional:

Medical Practitioner
Naturopathic Doctor

…or other profession related to the field. In order to begin the path to a new career and future, you must first enroll in a program and carry out all hands on training and finish coursework.

The type of coursework that is provided will depend on the career that is being pursued and the level of training that is desired. You can anticipate learning about herbal medicine, anatomy, nutrition, detoxification, meditation, massaging therapy, and other topics. By choosing to receive a higher education you can also study alternative healing, stress prevention, visualization, Chinese medicine, and a variety of other subjects related to holistic medicine. When obtaining educational training in areas such as these you will gain various knowledge that will be necessary to carry out certain tasks that relate to the career you choose to enter.

Discovering The Right Sports Medicine Career

Are you ready to jump into an exciting career filled with energized people? A career in medicine can put you into the action, even if you are on the sideline instead of actually in the middle of the game. Jobs in sport medicine are fast growing.

What is This Medical Career?

Before listing career opportunities it is important you have a good understanding exactly what sports medicine is. It is the study and practice of skills and techniques for the medical treatment and therapy for individuals who participate in athletics or physical activity. The definition is actually quite broad. Professional medical techniques are used for the treatment of injuries sustained through all types of physical activity which can include:

Sore Muscles from Weight Lifting

Broken Bones or Injured Joints from Contact Sports

Strained Backs from an Over Zealous Golf Swing

Minor Impact Injuries from Aerobics Classes

Torn Ligaments of a Professional Baseball Pitcher

Treatment of a Sprained Ankle

If you see a professional treating a sports or exercise related injury it can be considered under the umbrella of sports medicine.

The Variety of Careers in Athletic Medicine

As you may be guessing from the broad and somewhat vague definition of sports medicine the careers in this profession can cover a wide range of choices. Here are some of the more popular titles you may run across:

Sports Medicine Physician

Physical Therapist

Athletic Trainer

Massage Therapist


Exercise Physiologists


Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Health Fitness Specialist

Sports Nutritionist

Along with this wide variety of titles comes a large disparity in wages, too. At the pinnacle of wages is the medical physician with trainers being towards the lower end of the spectrum. Here are some median salaries for a variety of jobs in this field:

Medical Physician – $240,648

Physical Therapist – $74,336

Athletic Trainer – $38,972

Massage Therapist – $42,737

Chiropractor – $129,420

Exercise Physiologist – $44,849

Certified Personal Trainer – $52,750

Sports Nutritionist – $52,867

As becomes very obvious from these salary figures, medicine has a highly variable range of salaries. Depending on your level of education, experience, and specialty you can expect to make anywhere from an average income to very high income levels.

The Educational Requirements of a Sports Medicine Career

Careers can have a wide variety of educational requirements depending on your specialty. Let us examine a few of the sports medicine jobs and their educational demands.

Medical Physician – This broad specialty of medicine will require the following educational requirements:

4 Year Bachelor of Science Degree in Pre-Med or Science

4 Years of Medical School

3-5 Years of Residency

Multiple years of fellowship depending on specialty.

Sports Physical Therapist – This specialized form of physical therapy is also highly demanding in educational requirements, but the rewards are high. Physical therapists usually have less stress and work less hours per week than the average physician. The education requirements include:

4 Year Bachelors Degree

3 Years Doctor of Physical Therapy education. (Note: Some programs allow a 3+3 program where one year of physical therapy education replaces a year of your Bachelor Degree requirements.)

Sports Massage Therapist -This is a loosely regulated position which is usually licensed on a state level. Two examples of requirements for a massage therapist are:

Florida – 500 Hours Training – Passing of licensing exam.

New York – 1000 Hours Training – Pass State Exam.

This is one of the easiest educational directions to start your career in medicine. Many of the job openings will be found in fitness centers and spas with pay being based upon a percentage of sales.

Certified Personal Sports Trainer – Educational requirements on this position vary greatly. You can find courses through universities, trade schools, and online educational classes. You should check your local state requirements. Often the most important requirement is your own extreme level of fitness, knowledge of exercise mechanics, and ability to motivate.

A sports medicine career does not always mean going to 4 years or more of school. As you can see in the examples of a massage therapist or trainer the requirements can be much lower. The difference will be in your earning potential and ability to specialize. Choosing to pursue a career in sports medicine offers not only great income opportunities, but unique opportunities to serve in a career you love.

Sports Medicine Careers – How To Build A Successful Career

Innovative choice of careers has become quite prevalent these days, following a broad change in choosing careers over the years. While the reasons may vary from new fields opening up to increasing awareness, sports medicine careers is just one field that has benefited by more people opting for it. There are educational and professional criteria to be fulfilled, for a successful sports medicine career.

Educational aspect deals with studying for a profession in sports medicine. There is no separate category called sports medicine education; the term just refers to applying the principles of medicine, for best performance and treatment of injuries from exercise, sports and physical activity.

There is not even a specific called sport medicine education or a degree that can be obtained for this. On the contrary, a number of fields in medical science and exercise together form the filed of study, to pursue sports medicine career.

Exercise science is a technical learning of physiological and biomechanical principles that tell us about the ability of the human body to adapt to various movements and physical activities. When studying exercise science, apart from learning it, research is also important.

After completing the learning of exercise science, the student then proceeds to carry out a professional assignment in both clinical and academic environment. This gives the person the required understanding as well as the real world experience before starting to treat patients. If leaving at this level, the sports medicine careers open for pursuit are those of a fitness instructor, nutritionist, scientific researcher or an academic professor.

Beyond this level, the person may pursue further studies that will give him or her the necessary skills, to diagnose and treat injuries sustained in the course of sport events or physical activities.

Health and medical professional working in the field of sports medicine come from diverse backgrounds and prior experience such as training of athletes, exercise physiology, primary care, physical therapy, sports psychology, nursing and nutrition; and they bring the unique learning an experience of these fields into their treatment methods. Thus, their background is important to their continuous success in sports medicine careers.

Chinese Medicine Careers Today

Find Chinese medicine careers in the United States and Canada. With the development of integrative and complementary medicines, Chinese medicine careers are on the rise. Traditional Chinese medicine including Tuina, acupuncture, and herbal medicine make up some of the broad practices that are integrated into Chinese medicine careers.

According to the National Center of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Chinese medicine careers in acupuncture are among the most popular CAM practices in the United States. In a report published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Chinese medicine careers in acupuncture are “being widely practiced by thousands of physicians, dentists, acupuncturists, and other practitioners – for relief or prevention of pain and for various other health conditions.”1

Chinese medicine careers encompass a vast array of natural healing techniques and modalities, including meridian therapy, Tai Chi, Qi gong, Chinese medical massage (Tuina), acupuncture, herbology, moxibustion (cupping), and related health and wellness methods.

While Chinese medicine careers can be quite lucrative, it is critical to understand that proper training and education is of utmost importance. Today, prospective candidates interested in pursuing Chinese medicine careers must have substantial instruction (and licensure, depending on specific field) in order to practice professionally. If you’re one of many students drawn to this ancient healing art, it is wise to carefully review state educational requirements and regulations regarding Chinese medicine careers. For example, Oriental medicine schools offering Chinese medicine academic programs may vary in length and specialty. Some training programs in Chinese medicine careers range from mere months, up to five years.

Many Chinese medicine careers require a comprehensive education in anatomy, biophysics, Oriental medicine, nutrition, herbology, acupuncture, and needling techniques; this, in addition to clinical experience and prerequisite education from an accredited college or university. Furthermore, Chinese medicine careers often require certification and/or licensure; and depending on the state in which you reside, formal training requirements and internship programs may be different.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Career Training and Preparation Options

Enrolling in an accredited college to gain a higher education in Traditional Chinese Therapy or TCM will allow you to pursue the alternative medicine career of your dreams. Traditional Chinese medicine career training and preparation options are available at various levels and provide areas of study that are specialized to ensure that you receive the training necessary for your desired profession. Pursuing the education that is necessary for a successful can be done by researching program to find the right one for you and beginning training today.

By choosing to obtain a higher education in this field, you can learn various techniques and forms of therapy. Studies can be completed in different areas like acupuncture and oriental medicine, herbal medicine, massage therapy, chiropractics, and more. By selecting an area of study, you can look forward to learning how to provide that therapy to your clients. Studies can be completed at various levels depending on the specialized area. You can expect to complete anywhere from six months to eight years of accredited training in order to pursue a career. The options available to you are:

Associate Degree Programs
Bachelor Degrees Programs
Master Degrees Programs
Doctoral Degrees Programs

You can start by choosing an area and level of education, and completing all required coursework to prepare for the career you long for.

Depending on the level of certificate or degree that is chosen and the specific area of study, you will have the chance to enter into a number of careers. Professionals are trained to provide various forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine in order to help clients deal with stress and pain. You can become a professional massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, herbologist, aromatherapist, iridologist, and much more. Once you have made the decision to pursue a career in this field you can look forward to completing all required training and coursework. This will help you to carry out various tasks related to your profession.

Accredited educational training programs can offer you the coursework that is necessary to obtain the knowledge and skills for a successful career. Training will allow for the opportunity to study natural healing, botany, anatomy, diagnosis, terminology, aromatherapy, and much more. Coursework can also allow you to complete naturopathic training, techniques, pathology, meridian theory, and various other subjects. Once you have received a higher education you can begin the path to an exciting future by seeking out the employment you desire. Accredited schools are designed to aid you obtaining the skills to work as a professional in the area of your choice.

Herbal Medicine Careers Today

Achieve Herbal Medicine Careers in the United States and Canada. With the demand for alternative and complementary medicine on the rise, individuals that are interested in pursuing herbal medicine careers will find it is essential for aspiring healers to acquire appropriate education and training from one of several natural health schools in order to land any number of herbal medicine careers.

Herbal medicine careers today offer a variety of professional fields including positions as herbalists, naturopaths, natural healing practitioners, Chinese medicine practitioners, homeopathic practitioners, Ayurvedic practitioners, and related fields in iridology.

Individuals seeking to fulfill their dreams of entering herbal medicine careers must first get adequate education. In most herbal medicine courses, students will study a wide variety of subjects including but not limited to coursework in Ayurvedic medicine, botanical medicine, Chinese medicine, phytochemistry, plant compounds, cell chemistry, and pharmacy (herbal). Depending on which healing field you wish to engage, herbal medicine careers allow you to become your own boss in an entrepreneurial healing arts practice; and for primary healthcare providers, a welcome addition of herbal medicine education can add to the services already offered to patients.

Herbal medicine careers are often credentialed by certifications. In most cases, practitioners who have entered herbal medicine careers will have achieved some level of practical training and knowledge from an accredited school or learning institution.

For the serious candidate wanting to gain one of numerous herbal medicine careers, it is always wise to carefully review school curriculums, associated costs and diploma, certificate or degree offerings prior to enrollment. Applicants that are pursuing more comprehensive herbal medicine careers including fields of naturopathy and Oriental medicine will learn that most alternative medicine colleges require formal education prior to entry. In addition, herbal medicine careers in naturopathy and Oriental medicine also require a great deal of commitment, as most courses range between 3-4 years, and result in a degree and/or diploma.

Sports Medicine Careers – A New Way Of Being Attached To Sports

If you are a medical student interested in sports then you can easily opt for sports medicine career. Many people are still in doubt thinking whether there are enough career opportunities in sports medicine, but there are excellent career options available if you are really interested in making a career in sports medicine.

There are two major areas in which you can make your career in sports. One is working with the athletes and people from other sports so that they can improve their fitness and performance. The second one involves curing the sports personalities from the injuries they suffer while playing. Depending on the options that you choose as your career, you can carry on higher education and degree courses on that or even go for the certification courses required for these fields. Here are some of the options that you can try out:

Athletic trainer: If you are opting for this career then you need to be a part of the medical team that treats sports persons who suffer from sports-related injuries. For this career you need to have an undergraduate degree from an accredited program and then need to sit for an examination to be qualified for the same.

Physical therapist: As a physical therapist, you are required to help people get cured from the injuries affecting their bones, muscles, joints or nerves. You can also opt the career of an occupational therapist for which you need to help those who suffer from any disabilities to perform properly at home or work. For both of these careers you need to have a master’s degree and then a specialized training.

Exercise physiology: In this career you need to study the physiological responses and adaptations of an athlete to various physical activities. Based on these studies you need to find out ways to improve the athlete’s performance and health and fitness. For this field you also need an undergraduate degree and then a certification.